Arts of Southern Kentucky forms from SKyPAC, Orchestra Kentucky merger

Orchestra Kentucky has merged with SKyPAC to form Arts of Southern Kentucky!

As we navigate through the pandemic and hope to bring back concerts and events, a new alliance springs forward to make it all happen in 2021. Orchestra Kentucky and SKyPAC have merged to form the new Arts of Southern Kentucky (ASK). Under the direction of President and CEO Jeff Reed, this new partnership will bring “a brighter SKy” to Southern Kentucky with more opportunity than ever for the arts to grow in the region.

A number of shows that were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic have been rescheduled with dates starting this Summer and running through the rest of the season. SAM 100.7 is proud to be the radio partner for Arts of Southern Kentucky where you’ll be able to hear what’s ahead and maybe win free tickets!

Here is the list of upcoming shows scheduled in 2021 at SKyPAC: